5 CBD books about cannabis that you must read

Books on cannabis

Countless books have been published all over the world dealing with our favourite plant.

From novels, poetry, science, recipes, essays, manuals, and more. We recommend five books that every lover of reading and hemp and CBD is sure to enjoy:

Books also keep your attention focused. When you are browsing the internet for information about cannabis, you might be tempted to open another tab and use social media or check your emails. In contrast, by slowly turning the pages of a good book, you train your brain and immerse yourself in a world of new information. Your mind evolves after reading a book, and your perception of cannabis will be different forever

The cannabis book market is booming. The volumes that are available cover all topics in the field. No matter what you are looking for, there are plenty of authors, both modern and classic, that will provide you with all kinds of information.

If you want to jump right into a real learning experience about cannabis, you are in the right place, as below we will be presenting you with a top 5 CBD books that you should read if you want to know everything about this amazing plant.

Keep in mind that the cannabis plant is an ancient plant that has accompanied mankind for hundreds of generations. In general, its uses can be very diverse: from curative to recreational. Hemp fibre also has the potential to be used in the production of various textiles.

Nowadays, it is easy to access hundreds of pages on the Internet that provide summarised information on the different uses of cannabis. However, if we want to get to the root of it all, it is always better to read the original sources directly, so that we have more detailed knowledge and can create our own criteria about the cannabis plant and its different uses.

Reading is one of the most beautiful and important things in life; it allows us to expand our mind and consciousness, and learn more about subjects that interest us. It is a ticket to other people’s minds, imaginations and perspectives, as well as to practices, research and studies. Cannabis is and has been a recurring theme in our reading, and that is why we want to recommend five books that, if you are familiar with the plant, will probably be of interest and/or use to you:

The CBD Bible by Dani Gordon

Language: German

In this book, a doctor, researcher and expert in cannabis medicine will explain how to treat pain safely, how to relieve stress and how to learn the science behind CBD and THC.

What’s the difference between CBD and THC, what’s the difference between over-the-counter CBD oils and medical cannabis oils, what’s the science, does it work, and what’s the point? We are in the midst of a medical revolution regarding the cannabis plant and its uses. Medical cannabis has gained notoriety for the treatment of serious illnesses when medicines fail, and CBD oil has become incredibly popular as a wellness product, with hundreds of brands flying off shop shelves. However, there is still confusion surrounding the plant, what it can do and how to use it for wellness, self-care and disease treatment.

Dr Dani Gordon, a certified US doctor and international expert on CBD, cannabis and natural medicine, has written The CBD Bible to explain how CBD and medical cannabis can be used to safely treat pain, relieve stress and create a greater sense of wellbeing. With guidance on dosage, delivery, different products and much more, this is a must-have book for those who are ready to take the next step on their journey to overall wellness.

Healing with CBD by Leonard Leinow, Juliana Birnbaum

Language: German

The scientifically based manual for the medical application of cannabidiol.

Healing without side effects

Cannabidiol –  short for CBD – is a component of cannabis that can help with pain, inflammation, anxiety, but also diseases like migraine, diabetes and depression. Unlike the intoxicating cannabis ingredient THC, it is legally available.

Leonard Leinow is a breakthrough researcher in CBD. Together with cultural anthropologist Juliana Birnbaum, they present the latest scientific findings and let numerous medical professionals experienced in CBD therapy have their say.

This is the first scientifically-based handbook on the intake and dosage of CBD and its therapeutic uses for a wide range of ailments – for doctors, patients and health-conscious consumers.    

Merry Jane’s CBD Solution

Language: English

Here’s a guide to improving your daily routines using CBD in every room of your home: for wellness, sleep, sex, cooking, entertaining and with your pets. The team behind Merry Jane, the cannabis-focused digital media company founded by Snoop Dogg.

Integrate CBD into your beauty and skincare rituals in the bathroom.

  • – Invite CBD into your bedroom to help you relax or boost your sex life.
  • – Experiment in the kitchen with CBD-infused food and drink
  • – Host a CBD-themed get-together
  • – Share the healing benefits of CBD with your furry friends

With over 25 recipes and DIY projects, plus helpful tips on obtaining, storing and using CBD in all its forms, this is a comprehensive, must-have manual for both the curious and the cannabis proficient – anyone who wants to enhance their lifestyle with the incredible powers of CBD! As the third instalment in Merry Jane’s THE CBD SOLUTION series, this book is a perfect gift either to buy on its own or as a set.

This is the third book in her CBD SOLUTION series.

  • CURIOUS CANNABIS GROWING: As CBD becomes increasingly legal in the United States and abroad, people are becoming more interested in proper methods and usage. This book provides an accessible entry into the world of CBD.

Perfect for:

  • – People looking to experiment with CBD in different ways.
  • – Buyers searching for a grand opening gift or anytime present for their cannabis-loving or curious friend.

Merry Jane’s CBD Solution: Sex

Language: English

The second book in the Merry Jane CBD series, it’s full of fun and useful information about sexual health, tips and tricks for using CBD in the bedroom. This provocative coffee table book, filled with vivid art, bold photographs, recipes and boundless exploration, is a great read.

A comprehensive, no-holds-barred exploration of CBD and sexual wellness.

This dynamic book includes recipes such as CBD lube and CBD cocktails, as well as bedroom activities such as using the breath to enhance your sexual experience.

  • -Explains how cannabis, CBD and other plants can enhance pleasure and intimacy.
  • -Includes instructions on everything from dirty talk to erotic massage
  • -Features neon inks, psychedelic art, bold photographs and infographics

This sex-positive book is packed with useful information on sexual health, empowerment tips, and tips and tricks on using CBD in the bedroom.

Merry Jane’s CBD Solution: Sex is undoubtedly a wonderful gift for couples and a good buy for anyone who wants to cultivate a satisfying sex life.

  • -Written for both solo sex and couple sex.
  • -A seductive and luxurious package with neon inks and bold illustrations.
  • -A great gift for those who enjoy using CBD or are curious to learn more, for marijuana smokers and anyone interested in sexual exploration.

Healthy with CBD oil

Language: German

The miracle cure for stress, pain, sleep disorders and more. With more than 40 recipes for nutrition and beauty.

The guide for more health thanks to CBD oil!

Just a few drops of cannabidiol (CBD) are enough to turn drinks, snacks, sweets or beauty products into real miracle cures for health and beauty. Because cannabis oil is full of beneficial powers! In this guidebook, you will learn everything about the effects, use and self-treatment of cannabis oil and prepare 40 recipes with the extract from the hemp plant that effectively alleviates complaints such as stress, pain, migraines or sleep disorders.

CBD oil – the latest USA trend!

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