About us


The aim is to set high standards.

Andreinas interest in the history of hemp with thousands of years of tradition all over the world finally led to the name: Freya, worshiped by the ancient Germanic tribes as the goddess of fertility and spring, of happiness and love, and as a teacher of magic.

The idea to establish freya CBDCURE arose for personal reasons: Andreina Fernandez De Schafferer, born in Venezuela, had to struggle with numerous challenges in her adopted country as well as with the consequences of her sporting activities. “Chronic back pain, the stressful everyday life and the climate in Austria caused me a lot of trouble. The back pain became chronic, the stress too much. A tip from relatives in the USA brought me the solution to my problems: CBD helped me to relax mentally and physically – the back pain is gone, I sleep well and feel completely healthy and relaxed. I feel so well that I decided to create my own business with CBD products and to let other people profit from the positive powers of this centuries-old “miracle herb”.

Managing Director Andreina Schafferer

"I was surprised that hemp also has such a history here in Europe - freya CBDCURE wants to continue this tradition and help people to cope with the challenges of the 21st century" says Andreina.