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Books on cannabis

5 CBD books about cannabis that you must read

Countless books have been published all over the world dealing with our favourite plant. From novels, poetry, science, recipes, essays, manuals, and more. We recommend five books that every lover of reading and hemp and CBD is sure to enjoy: … Read More

cbd and pain

Fight pain naturally with CBD hemp oil

CBD as a drug is approved for pain in multiple sclerosis. Could other patients with pain also benefit from CBD for their health? … Read More

The advantages of a candle massage

CBD candle: How do I use it properly?

The advantages of a CBD candle massage Here are the best tips for choosing your natural, paraffin-free massage candle. Alone or with your partner for an intimacy and sensual moment. … Read More

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Experience the benefits of CBD with CBD oil

CBD oil is on the rise today. As it combines both ease use and results. You can experience all the benefits of CBD with CBD oil | Buy. … Read More

EUG CBD law 2020

Legal status of cannabis products

Final conclusion of the European Commission (November 19, 2020) In July 2020, the European Commission informed all parties who had submitted a novel application for the approval of foods for a product containing CBD, which was obtained by extracting the … Read MoreRead More

Cannabigerol (CBG)

Cannabis – What is CBG oil and what does this Cannabinoid do?

What is CBG? There’s a new buzzword that top researchers and consumers are talking about in the hottest cannabis news. While cannabis is a useful and abundant plant, there are many more cannabinoids to look for. The cannabinoid that made … Read MoreRead More

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CBD and other cannabinoids in CBD oil

CBD – Cannabidiol Hemp extract (The key of CBD oil) In addition to medicinal CBD and psychoactive THC, hemp contains many other medicinal cannabinoids. The most common are also found in hemp extract and CBD oil. Read more about its … Read MoreRead More



CANNABIDIODE WITH HIGH POTENTIAL. The cannabinoids in particular are moving into the focus of science. There are already numerous articles about successful natural treatments for various diseases using one of the non-psychoactive ingredients, cannabidiol (CBD). But the hemp plant has … Read MoreRead More

CBD legalisierung

Hemp vs. Marijuana

The difference between hemp and cannabis How hemp differs from cannabis –  Cannabis and hemp are two terms that were often used interchangeably in the past, and although there is a direct link between the two terms, there is a … Read MoreRead More

Cannabigerol (CBG)

Hemp and 20 things,

that you can do with it Hemp is a type of Cannabis Sativa and belongs to the Cannabis plant family. Industrial hemp is the term for plants that are grown specifically for industrial use. The crucial difference between >a href=”/hemp-vs-marijuana/”>industrial … Read MoreRead More