CBD candle: How do I use it properly?

The advantages of a candle massage

The advantages of a CBD candle massage

Here are the best tips for choosing your natural, paraffin-free massage candle. Alone or with your partner for an intimacy and sensual moment.

CBD Candle massage as a traditional Thai wellness massage is performed all over the body. To relax the muscles and relieve the stress of an active life, invigorating kneading movements with softer touches provide a real moment of relaxation.

Can be done alone or as a couple and is especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin. 

However, it is suitable for all skin types.

Why use a CBD candle?

Merry Jane's The CBD Solution Sex
Books to reproduce a relaxing and soothing massage at home.

The massage candle is the ideal accessory to reproduce a relaxing and soothing massage at home and enjoy all the anti-stress benefits of its soothing oils. After the session, a light fragrance coat perfumes your skin.

This massage accessory can also be used in a romantic setting, for a moment of sensuality and intimacy for two. In fact, the heating aphrodisiac massage allows you to get closer to your other half and enjoy a pleasant sensual experience for two.

Choosing the right CBD candle

  • Choose a candle without mineral wax, which is a petrochemical derivative.
  • Find out the burning temperature of the candle and choose a candle with a low melting point. This facilitates the liquefaction of body butter and various oils and prevents the risk of burning.

Use your CBD candle correctly

How do I properly prepare for my CBD massage?

Simply follow these steps to fully enjoy your relaxation break and maximize the soothing benefits of this CBD candle.

To ensure that your massage is performed in the best possible conditions, you should also lay down a blanket or cloth beforehand. The wax of the candle solidifies quickly. This makes your housekeeping easier!

How do you ensure the smooth flow of your CBD massage session?

Step by step instructions

1. Preparation

Light the candle and let the oil melt. After 10 to 15 minutes, there is enough oil so that you can start using it.

The candle shall remain lit throughout the application.

2. Cleaning the skin

Clean the skin thoroughly before the treatment. Alternatively, you can also take a relaxing bath.

3. Check the temperature of the oil

Test the temperature of the oil before applying it to the skin. To do this, drop a small amount on the inside of your wrist. If you find the temperature comfortable, you can start applying the oil.

4. Begin the CBD oil massage

Put a few drops of the oil on the skin and gently massage it into the skin.

5. Finish the CBD oil massage

Massage the applied oil completely into the skin. You can remove any residue with the help of a cloth.

One candle is sufficient for about four to five body massages or several partial massages.

Perform a relaxing massage with the FREYA Cannabis 3-in-1 CBD Candle

The formula, rich in oils, allows you to relieve muscle tension and fight against skin ageing. Your skin will be nourished for a long time. This candle is also paraffin-free guaranteed. This allows an ideal melting temperature and makes the oil more respectful for your skin.

With the Cannabis 3-in-1 Massage Candle, FREYA CBDCURE is committed to protecting the environment. The vase is reusable and also recyclable.

The delicious scent of fresh mint and white jasmine in this massage candle offers you a unique sensory experience.

The organic and vegan CBD massage candle by FREYA CBDCURE brings you all the benefits of different oils to spice up your romantic relationship or just for a unique moment of relaxation.

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