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CBD oil is on the rise today.

As it combines both ease use and results. You can experience all the benefits of CBD with CBD oil | Buy.

What ist CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is now available in many forms in different countries. This molecule of the cannabinoid family comes from hemp. Despite a reputation that is sometimes still disputed, CBD has nothing to do with the other molecule derived from hemp: THC. The CBD and THC differ in terms of effects on the body, their nature but also addictive effect. If THC is a psychoactive and addictive substance, CBD seems to have only beneficial effects. It does not cause feelings of euphoria, does not alter your state of consciousness, has few side effects, and above all, there is no risk of dependence. Several scientific studies believe that CBD is a product of the future that could eventually be used therapeutically.  

In Austria and in many European countries, CBD products have to come from regulatory hemp varieties that cannot contain more than 0.3% THC.

How do I use CBD oil?

You have bought your CBD oil and are looking for the best information on how to get the most out of CBD: Here are some tips.


Firstly, set the ideal dosage for taking CBD oil. It is recommended that you start with an intake of 0.5 to 1 milligram of CBD oil per kilogram of your body weight per day. If you weigh 80 kg, you will need to take between 40 and 80 milligrams of oil. The decision should not be made once, but spread out two to three times a day before meals. You can then gradually increase this dosage to find your ideal dosage. Do not exceed 15 drops per day.

Methods of administration

There are several ways to consume your CBD oil.

  • The sublingual method: Pour the desired dose directly under the tongue using the dropper. This method of administration allows you to benefit from the effects of CBD almost immediately, i.e. in less than half an hour, thanks to the capillaries under the tongue. The sublingual way is generally the mode of administration preferred to the others for this reason.
  • Oral: You can pour your CBD oil on a sugar, in a spoonful of yogurt, cottage cheese or on a piece of bread. You can even add it to your cooking recipes like any oil. However, watch the dosage and avoid overheating. The benefits are not immediately noticeable and the gastric juices partially break down the CBD, minimising these effects.
  • Over the skin: CBD oil is not necessarily absorbed. It can also be applied locally directly on the skin. This way, CBD oil helps to soothe the skin, regulate sebum and may even have benefits against acne and eczema.

CBD oil, like any natural product, is a sensitive product that fears light and heat. Keep your bottle in a cool place away from light to preserve the benefits. Many users even store their oil in the refrigerator. Once opened, the bottle should be consumed within the following year.

Also keep your CBD oil out of the reach of children and pets. This product is intended for adults of full age only.

Customer opinions on CBD oil

Some of our customers have written very positive reviews of our CBD oils.

“I ordered the oil for my daughter and me. We both suffer from ulcerative colitis. Since we have only been taking it for a short time, I unfortunately cannot say anything about our CBD yet. However, my joint pain has already become less and I also sleep much better. That gives me hope 🙂 The oil is also convenient to take.”

“Finally I have something to calm down in stressful times, relief in 5 minutes.”

“I am satisfied, it tastes good, it calms my pain and at least I can sleep.”

What more can be said? To try it is generally to take it regularly.

Like any product, CBD oil has its negative sides, although these remain minor compared to the benefits offered.

  • The dropper problem: Some consumers have difficulty dosing the product by pouring it under their tongue because they cannot tell if the drop has actually fallen. We have a solution for this: Pour your drops into a spoon and then pour the dose directly under your tongue.
  • The taste: The taste of CBD oil is not always very pleasant for consumers who describe it as “earthy” or reminiscent of wet grass. This is obviously subjective and often your palate gets used to it on its own. It is still possible to add some sugar to reduce the taste if this is very inconvenient for you.

Where can you buy your CBD oil?

Your freya-CBDCURE Onlineshop is committed to providing you with high quality CBD oil. Our facility is located in one of the best production sites in Europe and holds all ISO certificates for sustainability, purity, environmental awareness, working conditions and energy efficiency.

To discover our range, visit our Shop.

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