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The origin of the variety (Strain) OG Kush CBD …

The in every respect legendary variety OG Kush is the ancestor of many great CBD varieties of the last decades. The delicate, complex and stunning genotype has led OG Kush to produce many famous large strains such as the Tahoe OG, the Alpha OG and many other OG phenotypes,which have played a major role in their own respect. OG Kush is considered the foundation of a large branch of cannabis strains we know and love, and has become as solid as the original Gangster.
With its sublime, intoxicating, high and solid couch-lock, this hybrid strain has secured its heritage as a premium cannabis strain for both CBD users and breeders alike. And, of course, you can expect most veterans to vouch for the distinct profile of OG Kush with her longstanding reputation and intense effects.

Origins of the OG Kush variety

The variety OG Kush originates from Florida in the first half of the 90s. But since its conception, the variety OG Kush has travelled widely, moving from west to east, and has gained a remarkable reputation. In fact, it might be difficult to find a pharmacy that does not carry this strain, as it has become an icon on the market.
This tribe is believed to be descended from the landrace Hindu Kush and an unknown tribe from California. The Hindu Kush is a pure Indica strain, whose origins go back to a 500-mile mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The harsh climate of its origins had a profound effect on this strain to produce a thick trichome jacket. And it is this crystalline layer that is in great demand by hashish producers worldwide. This is why Hindu Kush is one of the most popular landraces among breeders in the United States.
The other half of the OG Kush combination remains a mystery to even the most respected CBD historians. Some say that one of the parent strains of OG Kush was the Chemdawg. As a Hall of Famer, it would come as no surprise that such a strong pedigree would form the legendary components of OG Kush. However, there is not enough evidence to support this assertion.

Aroma and appearance

freya-CBDCURE OG-kush-cbd Once you’re bathed in the aroma of OG Kush, you may feel very much at one with nature. This variety with its earthy and spicy scents with lemon and lime accents offers a wonderful aromatic experience. The delicate fragrance gently caresses the scents and makes you faint while the scent swirls embrace your senses.                  This is a short and bushy plant that is characteristic of Indica-type strains. It has medium to large flower clusters with yellowish-green colours. Depending on the climate, the colour can be accentuated with traces of purple. Orange tendrils, known as pistils, sprout approximately at the base of the flowers, giving them a touch of contrast and texture. And, of course, there is the silver trichome layer that covers the outside to create an additional dramatic effect.

Experience and effects

If ever there was a power puncher among the CBD tribes, it would be OG Kush. Many CBD experts have sworn by the reputation of OG Kush as one of the strongest strains out there. For insiders, prepare yourself to take a to a new level. It starts off as a highly focused head with increased attunement to your environment. Colours begin to pop and sounds have a remarkable clarity that helps you appreciate every detail of the world around you. The mood effect of the OG Kush is well suited to social situations. It has a unique social impact and is particularly suitable for small gatherings and lively discussions with your friends. There are no mind-race effects whatsoever, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally pass on personal, possibly embarrassing information. As much as the OG Kush’s effectiveness may lead to such a high value, it may also produce less than desirable effects. The smoke from the OG Kush can be quite hard and coughing. In addition, it can cause severe strain on the sinuses and make the eyes water. For Trouper users, the often undesirable effects can be a wonderful reminder of classic cannabis strains from the early 1990s. It is best to start with a mild dose if you use the herb OG Kush. This is as strong as they get, so try to manage your dose to avoid overdoing the experience. To use this strain safely, you need to know your limits and stay within your limits. Beginners smokers, you have been warned.

Cultivation and processing

The OG Kush is a challenging plant, but initiated CBD cultivators should aim to master the cultivation of this all-time favourite. As the demand for premium OG Kush continues to be high worldwide, every major farmer should strive to keep his pharmacy stocks full. OG Kush is most conveniently grown indoors. As it is a short and bushy plant, you will need to refill the plant constantly. This optimises light and air access to the lower flowers and ensures the quality of their growth. Note that the plant is particularly sensitive to mould, mildew and other common cannabis plant diseases. If you look out for the development of such problems you can reduce the risk. It also does not hurt to make sure that you avoid moisture as much as possible. With enough patience and effort you should see the seeds turn into fully-grown, mature plants within 6 to 9 months. Each individual cannabis plant should produce about 500g of flowers. CBD HANFBLÜTEN OG-Kush

For whom is this?

No well-intended CBD expert can call himself that without having taken a shot at OG Kush. Experienced people looking for one of the most delightful encounters with marijuana on the market would do themselves a huge service by trying this iconic herb.


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